New Member Spotlight

2019 Joseph A. Immordina, Jr.jpg

Joseph Immordino

Ordained Minister
Joseph grew up in a Catholic home. Church, for the most part, was a Sunday thing for him. After getting married, he began to see in his brother-in-laws a boldness and joy pushed him to dive into what Jesus was all about. Not long after, Joseph and his wife, gave their lives to Christ and have not looked back since. As a funeral director, he had a growing desire to minister to the hurting families he met. This has fueled him to pursue a counseling and support groups parachurch ministries, including a large online presence. Joseph and his wife, Christina, have four children and make their home in Hopewell, NJ.

2019 Carlos G copy.jpg

Carlos Figueroa Nieves

Licensed Minister
Carlos points to a retreat late in his teenage years as the place where Christ grabbed hold of his heart. In an instant, he felt his burdens being lifted from him as he submitted his life to Jesus. Since that day, Carlos has investing in growing in faith and understanding of Jesus Christ. This has led him to serve in a number of roles in his local church. As he served, a sense that full time ministry was in his future began to grow. This has led him to pursue an opportunity to serve as a chaplain within the Puerto Rican Army National Guard. Carlos currently resides in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

2019 Jason J. Evans.jpg

Jason Evans

Ordained Minister
Jason grew up as a pastor’s kid. As such, he came to understand the message of the cross at a very young age. Yet it was at the age of 12 when he accepted Christ as his personal savior. Throughout his teenage years, he could sense God’s call into ministry, but seeing the struggles of full-time ministry growing up, he was hesitant to walk that path. After his freshman year of college, Jason knew that he could not deny his calling into ministry. Since his college years, he has primarily served in various pastoral roles at New Life Church in Trumbull, CT. Jason and his wife, Sandy, have one child and live in Stratford, CT.

2019 Brittney R. Kinsey.JPG

Brittney Kinsey

Special Ministry License in Worship Ministries
Brittney grew up in a Christian home. Faith in Christ is something that has been a part of her life as long as she can remember. As a young teenager, she did begin to sense that God was preparing her for a life of ministry. As opportunities to serve came, this calling to pastor, disciple, and model worship to others became increasingly clear. This has led her to serve in several different churches, including her current role at River Valley Church. Brittney currently resides in Burnsville, MN.

2019 Emmanuel E. Asekhame.jpg

Emmanuel Asekhame

Commisioned Minister
Emmanuel came to faith in Jesus as a part of an evangelical crusade in 1991. Not long after, he began to sense that God was preparing him to serve in ministry. It took several years, however, for Emmanuel to realize that Army chaplaincy was the ministry God was preparing for him. In order to fulfill this call, he has begun seminary, working toward obtaining his MDiv. Emmanuel has one child and makes his home in Dallas, TX.

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