New Member Spotlight


Shaun Shaner

Commissioned Minister
Shaun grew up believing that God exists and is at work on this earth. It was not until about 10 years ago, however, that he truly began to understand his need for a Savior and the personal relationship Jesus offers to each of us. Since that time, Shaun has grown in his understanding and a sense that God was calling him into pastoral ministry began to become evident. Saying “Yes” to this calling has led him to see the opportunities to pastor soldiers as an Army chaplain. Shaun and his wife, Jessica, have 2 children and live in Paw Paw, WV.


Joy Devore

Licensed Minister
Joy first understood her need for Jesus to be her personal Lord and Savior as a child. Since that time, she has grown up pursuing Jesus with all that she has. This led her to pursue several missionary opportunities as a teenager, and young adult. She traveled the globe, sharing the Good News of Jesus with a variety of people in several different cultures. As she continued to grow, she sensed a desire to attend seminary. While there, she began to sense a calling to minister to soldiers as an Army chaplain. Currently, Joy resides in Colorado Springs, CO.


Yesbelmari Figueroa Alvarez

Licensed Minister
Yesbelmari grew up in the church. Her parents were faithful examples of Christ and impressed upon her the need we all have for a Savior. As a child, she accepted Jesus in her heart and has been committed ever since to growing in her faith. Yesbelmari has always had a desire to serve others. This led her to enlist in the US Army. While there, she began to see the impact that chaplains had on the lives of soldiers. A passion to do the same grew within her. This has led her to pursue a career as an Army chaplain. Yesbelmari and her husband, Alexis, have one child and live in Lakewood, WA.

2019 Laurie C. Vanderwiele .jpg

Laurie Vanderwiele

Special Ministry License in Pastoral Care and Worship Ministries
Laurie grew up in a Roman Catholic home. During her formative years, the she did everything she thought she needed to do to “earn” her salvation. As a young adult, she first heard that salvation through Jesus was not something to earn, but rather a free gift offered to all. She chose to accept that gift and has been growing in her relationship with Christ ever since. After spending several years working in school, Laurie began to feel God was calling her to step into vocational ministry. This led to her saying yes to an opportunity at her church to serve on staff full time, focusing on pastoral care and worship ministries. Laurie and her husband, Christian, have 2 children and make their home in Highlands, NC.

2019 Kelly A. Master-1.jpg

Kelly Master

Special Ministry License in Evangelism and Pastoral Care
Kelly came to faith in Christ as a young girl. Through a difficult childhood, she continued to pursue relationships that drew her closer to Jesus. A series of events as a young adult left Kelly broken. In this brokenness, she cryed out to the Lord and He healed, delivered, and restored her. As the Lord continued to show Himself faithful in her life, Kelly began to develop a passion to for others that were stuck in victims of human trafficking and who were experiencing other forms of bondage. This led her to develop a ministry to individuals in these circumstances, sharing the hope and healing found in Jesus. Kelly and her husband, Michael, have 5 children and reside in Collingswood, NJ.

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