New Member Spotlight


Scott A. Michaelis

Special Ministry License in Discipleship and Prison Ministries
Scott came to faith in Christ nearly 15 years ago. As a young man, he struggled with addiction. He pursued sobriety through AA but there was not a major shift in his life and relationships as he was able to overcome his addictions. As relationships began to crumble around him, a friend introduced him to a local pastor who began to share the hope that is found in the Gospel. It was because of this investment, over time, that Scott placed his faith in Jesus Christ. As he grew in his faith, God used an opportunity to serve on a missions trip, to cement a calling on his life to reach the lost with the hope of the Gospel. This has led him to opportunities to serve primarily in several jails and prisons. Scott and his wife, Donna, have 4 children between them and live in Chester, VA.


Peter S. Chimento

Special Ministry License in Pastoral Care
Peter came to faith in Christ because someone invited him to a Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship retreat. On that weekend, he was met with the reality of his need for a savior and committed his life to following Christ. Not long after a desire began to form to help others, sharing the hope and healing that Jesus offers. This has led to a career working with individuals as a pastoral counselor. He’s also been involved in leading several men’s ministries over the years too. Peter and his wife, Gaby, have 4 adult children and make their home in Sharpsburg, GA.


Casey Ewbank

Ordained Minister
Casey was challenged to read his Bible by a co-worker. Over the next three years, as he read through the Bible several times, not always understanding, the Word of God began to become more real to him. After the birth of his son, he saw the affect that God’s Word was having in his life and chose to commit his life to following Jesus. Eventually, he began to sense a desire to serve as a pastor. After spending time interning at his local church, his career path detoured a bit. Eventually, he pursued an opportunity to pursue Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). This began an opportunity to serve as a hospital and hospice chaplain. In addition to this ministry setting, Casey and his wife, Janice, have planted a house church which they have pastored for the past 7 years. They have 3 adult children and currently reside in Tempe, AZ.


Melody Dengler

Ordained Minister
From the early stages of her life, Melody has been involved in her local church. It was not until going through her church’s confirmation program in high school that her faith became her own. As she continued to grow in her faith, Melody felt a pull to minister to others. While in college, this call to ministry was confirmed by several of her pastors and ministry leaders. This has led her to invest in the lives of others in various church and parachurch contexts. She currently serves with her husband, Brian, at Woodstock American Reformed Church. They have 2 children and make their home in Woodstock, MN.


Missy Padgett

Special Ministry License in Discipleship and Prison Ministries
Growing up, church was a part of life for Missy. It was not uncommon to find her involved in whatever was happening there. Even though she was involved during these years, it wasn’t until her 20s when her faith truly became her own. About 10 years ago, Missy began to sense that God was calling her to serve in in a larger ministry context. This has led her to serve, not only in her local church, but in a prison ministry as well. Missy and her husband, Chris (also an IMF Member), have 2 children and live in Granite City, IL.

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