New Member Spotlight


Jordan L. Berry

Licensed Minister
Jordan came to faith in Christ at the age of 7. His parents were instrumental in sharing the hope and life found in Jesus. While in college, a staff member at CRU began to nudge him to consider pastoral ministry. After he was introduced to a pastor at a local church, he began to serve as a youth pastor under this pastor. This opportunity spurred what others confirmed in Jordan, a heart for connecting others with Jesus in pastoral ministry. Jordan and his wife, Allison, have two children and live in Fullerton, CA.


Eric J. Sandberg

Ordained Minister
Eric grew up in a loving Christian home. It was while attending a local summer camp that he first remembers giving his life to Christ. While in high school, he began to understand more and more the depths of sin and how Jesus paid it all for him. Throughout these years ministry was a way of life for Eric. As he attended college and seminary, a calling into fulltime ministry became clear. Since graduation, he has served in a number of churches as well as in the Air Force Reserves as a chaplain. Eric and his wife, Kathy, currently live and minister in Framingham, MA.

Laynie Stephens 2019.jpg

Laynie R. Stephens

Special Ministry License in Christian Education
Laynie grew up going to church on a regular basis. At the time, however, it was nothing more than an obligation to here. It was not until an opportunity to study abroad during college that God began to reveal himself to her. After reading through the book of Galatians one night, Laynie gave her life to Christ. Since that moment, she’s felt this stirring to reach those that are hurting and in dire circumstances. This led her to get involved with an inner city ministry. This has let to opportunities to serve full-time with this ministry. Laynie makes her home in San Francisco, CA.

Joshua Brooks 2019.jpg

Joshua B. Brooks

Ordained Minister
It was during college that God grabbed hold of Joshua. This sparked a desire inside to grow in knowledge and understanding of his faith in Jesus Christ. His career path eventually led him to serve in the United States Army. His time served as an active duty soldier, though challenging, was extremely rewarding and served to help orient his life towards military chaplaincy. This led Joshua to complete seminary training (obtaining both and MDiv. and Masters in Sacred Theology). Joshua and his wife, Stephanie, have one child and reside in Lewisville, TX.


James R. Schaedler, Jr.

Ordained Minister
James grew up inside the Roman Catholic church. It was as a teenager, however, that his faith in Christ became a personal reality. It was an outreach event that featured a Christian film that spurred James tp place his faith in Christ. As he grew in his knowledge and understanding, James began to sense that ministry was to be his life’s aim. Through the confirmation of others, he began to serve in various ministry roles including pastor, church planter, and missionary. For decades, James has served the LORD faithfully. This has led him to lead an organization that is focused on creating teaching and training tools to help others understand the essentials of Christianity. James and his wife, Jocelyn, have three adult children and make their home in Corona, CA.

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