New Member Spotlight


Branden R. Root

Licensed Minister
As a kid, Branden grew up in a Christian family that seemed to always be involved in their church. It was not until he attended a revival service during his middle school years, however, that he personally surrendered his life to Jesus. As Branden grew older, he made the decision to enlist in the United States Navy. After serving on several submarines, he began to feel the call to serve those in the military as a chaplain, a calling that has since been confirmed in his life. Branden and his wife, Deanna, have three children and reside in Clearfield, PA.


Michael E. Lindner

Special Ministry License in Missions
Michael first came to faith in Christ while in college through the ministry of the Navigators and the love a local church body. Since coming to faith in Christ, missions seemed to always have an appeal to Michael. After spending time on various missions trips, he sensed the calling to serve as a missionary in a full-time capacity. He has been serving in Japan for over 20 years. Sharing the hope of the Gospel, teaching English, and performing weddings are just some of the ways he is investing in the Japanese people. When not in Japan, Michael resides in Dayton, OH.


Crystal B. Schippling

Associate Member
It was nearly 50 years ago that Crystal gave her life to Jesus Christ as a part of a worship service she attended. It didn’t take long for her to begin to serve the Lord in whatever capacity she could. Her desire to serve was confirmed by others who saw God’s hand and favor on her as she grew in the LORD. Since then, she has been involved in youth and family ministry, worship ministries, mercy ministries. Currently, she serves with her husband, Gary, at Blessed Hope Christian Church. The two of them have 6 children and live in Lincoln Park, MI.


Cameron Z. Washington

Licensed Minister
Growing up, Cameron identifies himself as a morally upright kid. As his teenage years came along, he left his moral compass behind and, because of his choices, experienced some difficult consequences. It was during this time that the love of Christ began to call to him. Cameron began to explore faith in Jesus, even serving at a Christian summer camp. It was because of the relationships formed that summer that he surrendered his life to Christ. Not long after, he sensed God calling him into full-time ministry. This has led him to pursue his seminary education, which he is currently completing. Cameron and his wife, Kiley, live in Atlanta, GA.


Victoria A. Jollimore

Commissioned Minister
Victoria grew up going to church on a regular basis. It was not until her teenage years, however, that she made the decision to put her faith in Christ, attributing much of this to the ministry of CRU as a young college student. Soon after that God led her to pursue ministry as an Army chaplain. As she contemplated this life direction, God used a number of key individuals and circumstances to make this a reality. Victoria currently makes her home in Plymouth, NH.

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