New Member Spotlight

It's always a joy to welcome new members into the fellowship! The LORD is using these individuals to spread the Gospel and we are excited to serve them. 

Kari Vogt 2018.jpg

Kari Vogt

Licensed Minister
It was at Bible camp at the age of 13 that Kari committed her life to following Jesus. It was not long after that she began to feel a draw towards sharing Jesus with others. Through the wise counsel of her youth group leaders, the LORD confirmed her calling to full time ministry. She currently serves in a church that has been a part of her life for over 30 years with oversight of youth and young adult ministries. Kari and her husband Jared live in Delano, MN with their five children.

Matthew Lacey 2018 cropped.jpg

Matthew J. Lacey

Licensed Minister
It was not until his time in college, that Matthew was confronted with Jesus. Through friends that lived differently than what he was accustomed to, he was challenged to read more and learn about Jesus. It was then that the Gospel impacted him and he chose to follow Jesus. Matthew, through a series of events, has found his calling in his work as a hospital chaplain. Matthew has two adult children. He and his wife, Katy, live in Dunwoody, GA.

Ken Scribner 2018.jpg

Kenneth Scribner

Special Ministry License in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
The LORD met Ken at a time of misery and despair. He was hunting for something new, for meaning. It was in this season that Jesus and the hope of the Gospel became evident to him. God used a Gospel tract to guide him to faith in Christ. After a successful secular career, Ken decided to embrace his calling to serve, pursuing ministry as a chaplain. Ken and his wife Debbie (also an IMF member) live, primarily, in Port Charlotte, FL.

Robert Beeson 2018.jpg

Robert K. Beeson

Licensed Minister
The importance of family has been evident in Robert’s life from an early age. It was at the tender age of 6 years old when he heard his mother singing a hymn that he asked her to tell him more about Jesus and heaven. It was in that moment that Robert committed his life to Jesus. Since that day, he has leaned on the fact that Christ’s love is never-ending. Out of personal pain, God has used Robert to start several para-church ministries. His most recent venture seeks to reach out to solo parents and share the hope and love found in Christ. Robert and his wife, Barbara, live in Franklin, TN and has three children.

Jonthan Maley 2018.jpg

Jonathan Maley

Licensed Minister
Jonathan has been following Jesus for as long as he can remember. That being said, it was in 9th grade that his faith became real. It was a couple years later, as a junior in high school, that God began to grow a passion for reaching others. As he pursued wise counsel, Jonathan felt a confirmation that ministry was what he was called to do. After pursuing a degree at North Central University, he began serving as a youth pastor. Jonathan and his wife, Carley, live in Hastings, MN.

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