New Member Spotlight

As the month of July comes to an end, we are excited to welcome the following new members to IMF!

Yoon Seok Lee.jpg

Yoon Seok Lee

Licensed Minister
Yoon Seok grew up going to church with his parents. He felt is was the right thing to do in order to be "blessed by God." But through a series of events while in college, God began to tug on his heart, calling him into a personal relationship with Jesus. Since that time, Yoon Seok, has had a growing passion to impact the lives of others with the hope of the Gospel. After enlisting in the US Army, he found himself drawn to serving alongside the post chaplain. It was there that he sensed a clear calling to serve as an Army Chaplain. Yoon Seok currently lives in Anaheim, CA.

Bernard Height.jpg

Bernard W. Height

Commissioned Minister
Music has always been a passion for Bernard. While in middle school, a fellow saxophonist invited Bernard to play with him at his church. It was through that relationship, and seeing God's healing work in his mother's life, that led him to place his faith in Jesus. As he grew, Bernard had many opportunities to grow into volunteer leadership roles in various ministries. These opportunities have led him to pursue chaplaincy with the Army reserve as Bernard pursues his Master of Divinity at Liberty University. Bernard and his wife, Rachel, have two children and live in Frederick, MD.

Claire Cvetkovski 2018.jpg

Claire P. Cvetkovski

Ordained Minister
Claire's faith journey started at a very young age. She credits her mother for laying the groundwork of faith in her life. It was in junior high that she began to sense a calling into ministry. Through an influential pastor, she was given opportunities to lead youth services and a passion for reaching others for Christ grew from there. Claire has served as a pastor in a number of congregations and continues to serve as she pursues Army chaplaincy. A recent graduate of United Lutheran Seminary, Claire and her husband, Adam, have one child and live in Parkton, NC.


Scott A. Schoaf

Special Ministry License in Family Ministries
Scott cannot recall a time where he wasn't involved in a church in some way, shape, or form. Yet it was at 15, that he entered into a personal relationship with Jesus. From that time, Scott has volunteered in various capacities. From elder boards, to youth and kids, he's carried with him the same joy of the Lord and passion for connecting others with Jesus. In 2014, Scott was able to accept a role in full time ministry at his church, Community of Hope Lutheran Church. Currently serving as the Family Ministry Director, he oversees his ministry team, and loves leading kids and families. Scott and his wife, Judy, have three children and live in Rosemount, MN.

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