New Member Spotlight

One of the greatest privileges I have working at IMF is getting to know each applicant for membership. These individuals are doing some remarkable things for the Gospel, and I am so encouraged by their stories. Please join me in welcoming these new members to IMF.

Cortina Merritt 2018.jpg

Cortina S. Merritt

Special Ministry License in Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
Though faith was a part of her life growing up, it was not until her freshman year of college that God grabbed a hold of her heart and she has been following His leading ever since. It was by His leading that she found her way to Baylor's Truett Theological Seminary and eventually, during her time there, was introduced to chaplaincy with the US Army. Cortina and her husband, Jay, currently reside in Kileen, TX with their son.


Kenneth M. Shires

Licensed Minister
Kenneth describes his coming to faith as more of an iterative experience than a flash-point moment. Growing up in a Lutheran church, he encounter countless stories of the grace and unconditional love that Christ offers us through his death and resurrection. As time went on and his relationship with Christ grew, Kenneth recalls early nudges into ministry, however, it was not until later in life that he truly began to pursue hospital chaplaincy. Kenneth and his wife Terri reside in Hillsborough, NC and enjoy spending time with their adult children and their grandsons.

Stephen M Koehn 2018.jpg

Stephen M. Koehn

Licensed Minister
Stephen grew up in a Christian home and was involved in church for as long as he can remember. It wasn't until enlisting in the military that his faith became real to him. This season brought a renewed sense of joy and hope, as he grew in his reliance on Christ in every aspect of his life. It was during this season that he responded to God's call to serve Him with his vocation. Stephen sees his call as an opportunity to be a witness for Christ and to help equip the Church to reach others with the good news of Jesus not only in his role as a chaplain, but in everything that he does. Residing in Columbia, SC, Stephen and his wife, Catherine have three children.

Jose J. Rodriguez 2018.PNG

Jose J. Rodriguez

Special Ministry License in Chaplaincy Services
Growing up in Puerto Rico, Jose was a part of the Catholic church. Yet, during this season, he still felt empty. It was in a season of searching for answers that Jose began visiting other churches. It was there that he embraced the hope of the Gospel and turned his life over to Jesus Christ. After enlisting in the military, Jose started to have conversations with an Army chaplain. This relationship helped him to see God's calling on his life to serve as a chaplain. Jose, his wife, Felicita, and their two daughters currently reside in Honolulu, HI.


Britney C. Ahlmann

Special Ministry License in Pastoral Care
Britney recalls initially asking Jesus into her heart in second grade as a part of her Sunday school class. It was not until she was 17, after a mission trip to the Czech Republic, that she surrendered her life fully to Jesus Christ. While pursuing a career int he corporate world, Britney began to sense a calling into vocational ministry. It was not long after that an opportunity to join the staff at her home church confirmed this calling. More recently, she has stepped out in faith as she is pursuing a call into a counseling/pastoral care ministry. Britney, her husband, David, and their two sons reside in Dayton, MN.

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