New Member Spotlight

Kristofer Roberts 2018.jpg

Kristofer M. Roberts

Commissioned Minister
Kit came to faith in Jesus as a young child through a conversation with his mother. Since that day, he has followed Christ with everything he’s got. As he began to seek the LORD for an opportunity to minister to others, he was introduced to chaplaincy in the Army. As he explored the possibility, he saw how his giftings aligned with the opportunity to serve soldiers and is excited to get started. Kit and his wife, Madison, have two children and live in Lacey, WA.

Peter Schuett 2018.png

Peter T. Schuett

Licensed Minister
Peter grew up in a Christian home. His parents invested diligently in his life, sharing the hope found in the Gospel. It was in his middle school years that he placed his faith in Jesus. High school brought its own challenges and the pursuits of this world tended to take priority in Peter’s life. Yet God, in His mercy, continue to pursue him. Shortly after high school, Peter realized that he had not been living out his faith. It was at that time, he committed to follow Jesus with everything he’s got. Not long after, a continued passion for sharing Jesus with others grew. This has led him to now serve in an evangelistic ministry, with efforts to reach people with the Hope of the Gospel both domestically and internationally. Peter and his wife, Jessie, reside in New Hope, MN.

Jonathan Kim 2018.JPG

Jonathan Kim

Ordained Minister
Jonathan cannot remember a time where he didn’t know who Jesus was. Growing up in a home that was committed to following Christ, his understanding of Jesus as his Savior, and his dedication to following Jesus was a natural outcome. It was in his high school years that he felt called into ministry and in his college years when the call into ministry focused in on military chaplaincy. Since then, Jonathan has served in several different ministry capacities as a pastor and chaplain. He currently makes his home in Palisades Park, NJ.

Colin S. Fenn

Licensed Minister
Colin first placed his faith in Christ while in fourth grade. A few years later during middle school, while on a mission trip, Jesus truly got hold of his heart and he’s been following Jesus ever since. In high school, a desire to help people was growing inside him. This desire crystalized into pursuing ministry when he realized that it is in Jesus Christ that healing from the pains of life and true freedom are found. This desire has led him to pursue a career in chaplaincy. Colin currently lives in Vancouver, WA.

Christopher Gardiner 2018.jpg

Christopher D. Gardiner

Special Ministry License in Youth and Chaplaincy
Even though Chris grew up going to church, it really didn’t have much impact on his life outside of Sunday morning. In college, he wanted to continue to play basketball and when he was given the opportunity to do so, he jumped on it, even if it was at a bible college. While there, others invested in his life and shared the hope found in Jesus with him. It was at that time that he went “all in” with Jesus and hasn’t looked back since. This spurred him to pursue ministry as a vocation. Since that day he has served as a pastor, in Christian schools, as a camp speaker, and many other ministry opportunities. Currently, Chris is pursuing chaplaincy with the Army Reserves. He and his wife, Erika, have three children, reside in Phoenix, AZ.

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