New Member Spotlight


H.W. “Duke” Walker

Ordained Minister
Duke came to Christ as a result of a Billy Graham event while in college. Since that night, he has sought to honor Christ as Lord and Savior. As he grew in his understanding of his faith, the Lord began to stir a passion for reaching others with the hope of the Gospel. Duke has been involved in a variety of churches, which has led him to begin leading prayer workshops under his ministry, The Inner Hue. Currently, he is serving as a long-term care chaplain. Duke and his wife, Grace, live in Gainsville, GA.


Nicholas A. Mitchell

Licensed Minister
Growing up, Nicholas attended church regularly, but as a teenager, he began to live focused on himself. It was while attending a Christian college, he met individuals who embodied a real relationship with Christ. This spurred a desire inside for the same personal relationship with Jesus. After college, he began to feel the call to share with others the joy and peace He found in Christ. His pastor at the time recognized God’s call on Nicholas and began to give him opportunities to preach, teach, and minister to others. Currently, he is pursuing Army chaplaincy. Nicholas, and his wife, Shalena, have one son and reside in Meniffee, CA.

Emmanuela Duku 2018.jpg

Emmanuela Duku

Commissioned Minister
Emmanuela came to faith in Christ at a young age. As she grew, she felt the desire to help people. This led her to pursue a career in counseling those with mental health problems. It was through this experience, Emmanuela began to feel the desire minister to others. This passion continued to grow and has confirmed in her a calling to minister to others. Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Divinity in order to serve as a military chaplain. Emmanuela resides in Johnstown, PA.


D'vante Rolle

Licensed Minister
D’vante, though growing up in a Christian home, began attending Bible college without a personal relationship with Jesus. The only reason he agreed to go was he could go into the missionary aviation program, which would allow him to pursue his passion of becoming a commercial pilot. After a short time in Bible college, D’vante heard the Gospel and saw others living out a passionate relationship with Jesus. It was then that he realized his need for a savior. Not long after accepting Christ, D’vante’s passion for aviation was supplanted by a desire to share Jesus with others. This has led him to serve Christ in pastoral ministry. D’vante resides in Gig Harbor, WA and is engaged to be married to Grace in June 2019.

Timothy Trey Tanner 2018.jpg

Timothy T. “Trey” Tanner

Licensed Minister
Trey came to faith in Christ at an early age. Growing up, his father was a pastor, and helped fuel his desire to serve others in ministry. As a young teenager, Trey began to realize his God-given musical talent. This led to more and more opportunities to lead worship and to learn under other lead worshippers. Currently, Trey serves on the creative ministries staff at Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, GA. Trey and his wife, Annah, reside in Clarksville, GA.

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