New Member Spotlight

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Karen L. Riepe

Licensed Minister
Karen grew up in a Catholic home. It was not until she was 18, while attending a Catholic charismatic prayer meeting, that she realized her personal need for a savior. That night she accepted Jesus into her heart and immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. Her call to ministry came over time. A desire to help others experience the wholeness that Christ offers has driven her into different ministry contexts. Currently she is invested in the lives of others through various chaplaincy and pastoral care opportunities. Karen has one adult son. She currently resides in Roseville, MN.

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Roger L. Page

Ordained Minister
Roger’s faith began the very young age of 4. As his mom shared John 3:16 with him, he asked how he could be saved. Since that day, he has continued to grow in knowledge and understanding of his faith in Christ. In his early teenage years, he felt the calling to preach and sing the Gospel. This has led him to pursue full-time ministry. Roger has served as a pastor in several churches. Currently, he is pursing Army chaplaincy. Roger and his wife, Elizabeth, have three children and live in Caldwell, ID.


Jillian D. Palmiotto

Licensed Minister
Jillian came to faith in Christ over 20 years ago after attending a gospel concert. It was about a decade later that she began to serve in ministry on a volunteer basis. As she began to feel called into full time ministry, she was reluctant to make the move from a special education teacher into full-time ministry. Through a series of events, and a willingness to follow God’s call on her life, she was hired to build a special needs ministry at her church. She has been serving in this role for nearly six years now. Jillian, and her husband, Anthony, have two children and make their home in Kennesaw, GA.

Jedidiah A. Horca

Special Ministry License in Worship Arts
Jedi came to faith in Christ at the age of 18. Though he grew up in church and believed in God, it wasn’t until college that he realized that Jesus died for him. As he began to serve as a volunteer musician, a passion for connecting others with Christ began to grow. It was not long after he began to serve that his church recognized the anointing that God had placed on his life and hired him to be their worship pastor. He has served there ever since. Jedi and his wife, Kaitlyn, reside in Monterey, CA.

Robert W. Znak

Commissioned Minister
Bobby placed his faith in Christ at the age of 10. He didn’t really consider serving in ministry until he saw the impact that a chaplain had on his mother’s life. Seeing someone used by God in this way spurred a desire to do the same. This has led him to pursue military chaplaincy. As he works to reach that goal, he is continuing to serve in multiple ministry areas at his local church. Bobby, and his wife, Tiffinee, live in Snoqualmie, WA.

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