New Member Spotlight

Marcus Mills 2018.jpg

Marcus J. Mills

Ordained Minister
Marcus points to the investment of his mother as the starting point of his faith journey. It was through her investment, specifically in her insistence that he read the Bible, that the love of God was made evident to Marcus. It was at the age of 15 that he remembers giving his live to Jesus. A few years later, while driving and listening to music, the call of God was clear to him. Since that time, Marcus has invested in following that calling which has led him not only to pastoral ministry but military chaplaincy as well. Marcus, his wife, Janel, and their two children live in Cleveland Heights, OH.

Benjamin J. Peterson 2018.jpg

Benjamin J. Peterson

Licensed Minister
It took the high school bully, of all people, for Ben to realize the truth of the Gospel. It was at a student led worship night where Ben gave his life to Christ. It was not long after that, Ben enlisted in the Army. Even though his enlistment did not lead him to the unit that he had thought he would be a part of, it led him to see how God had uniquely equipped him to reach others with the hope of the Gospel. Today, Ben leads his own ministry to soldiers and their families across the country, sharing the hope found in Jesus. Ben currently resides in St. Louis Park, MN.

Shareen Pratt 2018.jpg

Shareen L. Pratt

Ordained Minister
Though a specific day and time is hard to pin down, Shareen points to her involvement at church as a child as instrumental in understanding the gift of salvation found in Jesus Christ. As she grew older, her relationship with Christ has continued to grow deeper. After 25 years as an elementary school teacher, she felt a deep sense that God had something else in store for her. This led her to pursue study at a local, church-based, bible college. It was here that she began to understand how God was using her teaching ability and passion for His Word. She is now serving as faculty at this college, and working to become one of the next directors of this institution. Shareen and her husband, Gary, have two adult children and reside in Tipp City, OH.


Paul E. Blyden

Licensed Minister
Paul was six years old when he accepted Jesus as his personal savior. As he grew and continued to study God’s Word, he realized that ministry was a calling that was before him. As he recognized this calling, he began to see how he could continue to serve his country in the Army and fulfill his ministry calling— as a chaplain. Paul is working to become an Army chaplain as he is currently enrolled at Moody Bible Institute. Paul, his wife Marlene, and their two children live in Prince George, VA.


Nathan A. Jacobson

Licensed Minister
Nathan grew up in a Catholic home. The only importance, he recalls, was that they attended, not that they paid attention. After high school, he enlisted in the Air Force. While he was away, the LORD began to get a hold of his family. Though he was initially unreceptive, God used their influence and an organization called Cowboys for Christ to help Nathan place his faith in Jesus. It was not long after that he began to volunteer in various ministries and it was on a short term mission trip to the Philippines that ministry became the calling on his life. After serving for several years as a missionary, he now serves as a pastor at The Rest Area in Rosemount, MN. Nathan and his wife, Elsie, have two children and live in Eagan, MN.

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