IMF Alliance Church Inititiave


The IMF Alliance Church Initiative exists to connect local churches, across denominational lines. IMF Alliance Churches partner together to provide a network of support and encouragement, share resources, ensure guidance in a time of transition, access to annual conferences and pastors gatherings, and much more—all while maintaining the sovereignty of the local church.


Here is a testimony from the Senior Pastor of one of our IMF Alliance Churches:

During one of our most difficult times our leadership team contacted the IMF office for some counsel and help. Without hesitation, a ministry team came alongside us and helped us through the storm. I want to encourage other IMF Pastors to consider having their churches become Alliance Churches. While we are independent in structure, we should be interdependent in our relationships. I would like to see this part of our Fellowship grow in order to offer more services to our congregations.

When our church joined with IMF, our leadership team agreed to sow generously into this ministry. After choosing to honor God by supporting IMF with one percent (1%) of our annual tithes and offerings, we have seen incredible financial breakthroughs!

Another aspect that has really impressed me about International Ministerial Fellowship is the quality and integrity of the people involved. When you add to this the skills of their leadership team and the resources available to the membership, I believe we are blessed to be a part of something truly incredible! We have in a very real way been blessed with an organization that exemplifies our Lord Jesus when Mark 10:45 says, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve.” This kind of servant leadership is what I have witnessed with International Ministerial Fellowship.

Benefits of the IMF Alliance Church Membership

  • Access To Ministry Resources
  • Church Planting Resources
  • Non-Profit Boot Camp
  • Leadership Training
  • Biennial Conferences
  • Pastor Gatherings
  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Church Consultation Services
  • Legal Consultation Services



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