Leadership Development in the Church

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By John Braland

Recently IMF President, I spoke with the IMF Church Alliance Pastors on the topic of Leadership Development in the Church. At Freshwater Community Church, where I serve as Lead Pastor, we’ve developed insightful practices that have helped them streamline our leadership development process. These practices serve to ensure that every volunteer understands their role, and how to effectively reach others in this role. A leadership development process is also vital in helping others understand what their next step is as they grow in their serving ability. Some of the key takeaways were:

  •  Develop A Common Language for Leaders in All Ministries in Your Church

  • Simplify How You Teach and Train Your Leaders

  •   Have Job Descriptions for All Ministry Positions (Volunteer and Paid Staff)

  • Recognize the Leadership Lag Time by Cultivating New Leaders Before You Need Them

Below is the recording of this conversation. I hope this encourages you and is useful as you lead others where God has you.

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