David Knapp

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I recently jumped out of the boat to be a full-time missionary in prayer. Jesus is giving me an amazing opportunity to serve him. I've been around the world several times and watched him open doors that no man can shut.

Prayer is my life and I am Blessed to be called a child of God. Prayer is the model that Jesus used. It's through this ultimate communication with God that we are able to receive his forgiveness, blessings and salvation.

Traveling has taught me that we don't have to go beyond our homes, or communities to share the love of our Lord. JESUS has put this fire in my heart to pray at local senior homes, hospitals, children's wards or where ever the Holy Spirit leads me to share or explain how special and loved they are in Jesus' eyes.

Praying for believers or non-believers - saved or not saved - is a desire JESUS re-wired my mind and heart to do. I've prayed for and seen many physical and spiritual healings. We have a GOD that anything is possible. A relationship with him is what he wants from each of us. He listens and will never let us down.

My trust and faith is in finances to help keep me spreading the love he has for everyone. The Glory goes to JESUS my Lord and Friend.