Abel Aureli

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Abel and Anna Aureli were called to the ministry in Italy in 1980, and with their two younger children, Joy-Rachel-Naomi and Joshua, they are personally on the mission field since 1985, preaching the Gospel and starting new churches.

The calling of God upon our lives was to ..."start from the city of Frosinone (the main city in the province), and preach the Gospel to the whole province!" The province of Frosinone has almost 500,000 inhabitants and they are spread in 91 communities which reach from 35 miles south of Rome, to 50 miles north of Naples. Only one tenth of one per cent of the population claim to be Born Again, and only about 20 of the 91 communities have a Born-Again testimony in it. Witchcraft is rampant, and although people claim to be Christians, they seem not to care about God and they have not been informed of the evil of witchcraft and fortune teller's practice. Our goal is to reach every home in the province with the saving message of the Gospel and to start "home churches" all over it.