2018 IMF Winter Conference

The 2018 IMF Winter Conference was held on February 19-21 at Central Life Church in Melbourne, Florida. Below are a collection of highlights of our time together.

On a personal note, I wanted you to know that only after leaving the pastorate after 41 years did I begin to realize how damaged my soul had become. God in his grace and mercy has moved me to a place where I have space and time to begin to see how much I need to pursue my first love. Part of the process for me was being with you at IMF [Winter Gathering 2018]. The words spoken have given me insight, encouragement and wisdom. Thank you for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.
— 2018 Winter Gathering Attendee

Pastor John Braland

On Monday Evening, February 19, the president of IMF, Pastor John Braland, shared with us his message, "From Wounded to Wonderful." Ministry is tough. Pastors and ministry leaders often receive wounds from the very people they are called to serve. Gossip, slander, betrayal, and anger often cause deep emotional wounds that must be dealt with in a godly way or they will cause even greater harm. But instead of finding hope and healing
from our wounds, we mask them. We attempt to portray the perfect family. We manicure our yards, wash our cars, and even stage the room in the front window to fool others into thinking we have a perfect house. When our life is falling apart we cover it with laughter, shallow smiles, and pretty social media posts pretending that everything is just great. We refuse to talk about our own struggles lest it damage the church and our reputation as a leader. How would your life be different right now if you let God transform your wounds into something wonderful? Rather than trying to mask the wound, what if you let Jesus redeem it and use it for His glory? Hear this inspiring message again that will help you move from wounded to wonderful. 


Pastor Peter Haas

Pastor Peter Haas shared with us on Tuesday Morning, February 20, his message, "Nevermind the Turnover." Every growing ministry has turnover. And every ministry is one tough conversation away from a breakthrough. But if we lack faith in God to help us – if we fail to go ALL IN – many of us make political decisions for our ministries rather than healthy decisions. Along with some inspirational stories, Peter Haas shared how to make hard decisions for your ministry during the plateaus. And even more  difficult, how to stay happy while you do it.


Brian Kluth

On Tuesday afternoon Brian Kluth, from the National Association of Evangelicals, shared with us his talk "10 Ways God Provides When the Paycheck isn't Big Enough."


Pastor Peter Haas

Tuesday night, Pastor Peter Haas joined us again to encourage us with his message "Flip the Happiness Switch." We all have a dream for our ministries. Yet, why does it feel like everyone else has resources while our vision languishes? After sharing some miraculous leadership stories, Pastor Peter explained how to know if our ministries are truly ready for growth and promotion.